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Additional Payment Options for Software Purchases

DesktoolsSoft now offers 2 more payment options for purchasing software licenses.

San Francisco, CA – September 5, 2019 – DeskToolsSoft, a leader in computer optimization tools and solutions development, has just announced the addition of 2 more payment options.

With the support of our payment processor, we are happy to announce that we can now offer 2 more payment options for software license purchasing. We realize that the international market payment for global payment methods is constantly changing. As a software vendor, we want to adopt modern, established options to offer our users multiple options to acquire licenses.

As of today, users can use two (2) more options for payment.

  1. iDEAL is the predominant payment method in the Netherlands by some margin and allows customers in that country to select their bank account to instantly and quickly transfer payment.
  2. Google Pay is another global wallet (like our Apple Pay and PayPal options), whereby customers store their credit and debit cards and can then easily pay without re-entering all their details.
    Google Pay

With these additional local and global payment options, we further strive to enable users to use the payment methods they are comfortable with and have access to.

The payment options are in addition to our support for major credit cards, Paypal, and Apple Pay.

About DeskToolsSoft, Inc.
DeskToolsSoft, backed by more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, was established with one aim: to provide desktop utilities that do exactly what ‘it says on the box’; namely, to optimize computers on various, specific levels so that users get the most performance out of their machines.

The DeskToolsSoft goal is not only to produce software to help clients with system maintenance but to produce software that UPLIFTS their computing experience. DeskToolsSoft achieves this by utilizing only the best processes and technology in the IT industry, and presenting them in a highly user-friendly interface for clients.

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